Project SEED

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Project SEED

Through Project SEED (Socially Engaged Entrepreneur Development), Brock students and leaders in Niagara work side-by-side to initiate projects that enhance the social, economic and cultural landscape of their community.

By providing resources, like funding of up to $600, mentorship from experts with connections, project development workshops and SLIC resources, this initiative will help you to turn your ideas for social change into reality.

This year's timeline

November 2012 - application available
November 29, 2012, 3-4PM - information session
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Accepting applications throughout January 2013, the earlier the better!
March/April 2013 – official project reviews and celebration event
September 2013 – end of 2012-2013 Project SEED cycle


A wild flower may produce 2,000 seeds per year. Those same 2,000 seeds of potentially beautiful flowers are transferred by the winds into different areas of land. When a wild flower seed falls on particularly fertile ground, the plant reproduces quickly and plentifully. In a similar way, when your world-changing idea is matched with the right resources (Project SEED), the idea can create and grow positive change at Brock, in the Niagara community and beyond.

Project SEED