Test/Exam Confirmation

Services for Students with Disabilities (SSWD) can assist instructors with the administration of accommodated tests and exams. If you would like SSWD to provide the required accommodations, then please complete and submit this form to SSWD no later than 7 days before the test/exam date.

More information about SSWD policies and procedures can be found at Faculty Resources (www.brocku.ca/services-students-disabilities/faculty-resources).

Test/Exam Confirmation

Test/Exam Information

Please note:
1. All multimedia content needs to be provided no later than 3 days before the exam/test.
2. We cannot accommodate exams that require software not listed in this section or that require a specific lab/class environment.
3. Please include software versions in the comments field below.

Other Information

What do we need to know in order to administer the test/exam?

Contact Information

Where/how you can be reached during the test/exam

Completed Tests/Exams

Completed tests/exams can be picked up from ST411 (they will be returned by inter-office mail tracking system if not picked up within 3 business days).