Opportunities for Community Partnerships

Service-Learning at Brock

Opportunities for Community Partnerships

As our valued community partners contact Brock University looking to partner with us in some way, the opportunities will be posted here and promoted to the campus community periodically throughout the year.  It is our hope that any faculty or staff interested in pursuing an opportunity, or even taking preliminary steps to discuss the opportunity, with a community partner will contact the Service-Learning Resource Centre.  By doing this to strengthen the service-learning or add a service-learning component to a course, financial support may be available for project development.

Our community partners may also contact us looking to engage in service-learning in different formats: placement-based service-learning, which would see students working with the community partner at their site a set number of times throughout an academic course (or as needed), or a number of hours per week, or for project-based service-learning, which would see students working with a community partner who comes to campus to engage with students, or acts as a resource in another manner, in order to have a project completed or problem solved.  In this case, students learn about the organization through the community partner, but may not see their site in the community, or time there would be very minimal (tour, interview on site, etc.)


Current Opportunities:


Please check back periodically for updates to this listing.

Service-Based Learning graphic representation

Credit for the above graphic: Giulia Forsythe, Centre for Pedigogical Innovation