Community Partner Incentive

Service-Learning at Brock

Community Partner Incentive

Service-learning offers opportunities for faculty, staff and students to partner with community groups on and off-campus to enrich learning, share knowledge and resources (from the community and the university), and increase Brock’s curricular engagement in the Niagara Region. Service-learning typically has academic learning, civic learning and personal learning as its outcomes and is a component of Brock University’s current Strategic Mandate Agreement, which can be accessed here.

Community Partner Incentive

This funding is available to faculty and staff members at Brock University who are looking to develop or enhance relationships with community partners for service-learning related activities.  These small funds of up to $1000 may support expenses including, but not limited to:

  • Development or exploration of new partnerships to enhance the effectiveness of service-learning (travel and/or meeting related expenses with a community partner);
  • Covering costs incurred by community partners to be on the Brock campus to participate in service-learning activities (e.g., parking, food, etc.);
  • Hosting a large-scale reception to show appreciation for community partners and organizations engaged in service-learning (the Service-Learning Resource Centre will not fund these events in full, but will consider hosting in partnership with a department or faculty);
  • Small tokens of appreciation for community partners and/or organizations engaged in service-learning (to a maximum of $30 each for such gifts).

Note: The Service-Learning Resource Centre (located in ST226) offers black embossed portfolios and would be happy to supply you with these gift items for community partners. 

Terms of Agreement

Applicants must use the allotted funds and have the required financial documents returned to the Service-Learning Resource Centre by the agreed upon date, including supporting documentation such as itemized receipts as specified by Brock Financial & Administrative Services.  The incentive money cannot be spent on alcohol and all additional standard finance rules related to spending and reimbursements apply.

Finance forms can be found here:

Applicants must use all funds and have the appropriate financial documents returned to the Service-Learning Resource Centre no later than April 15, 2014.  A written report must accompany the use of the funds and be submitted to the Service-Learning Resource Centre no later than April 30, 2014.  This report must also provide recognition to the Service-Learning Resource Centre for the provision of funds.  All recipients will also be added to the Brock Service-Learning E-Mail List for future notifications.


Deadline date:

These small funds are distributed on an on-going basis and will be adjudicated once per month.   Applications are to be submitted on-line by clicking here


Every partner brings a piece of the puzzle.