Safety Board

Safety Board

The Brock University Safety Board was created as a single source for health and safety information for the University community. You will find both pertinent health and safety legislation and specific safety information that applies to Brock University. Check out the links routinely for up to date information. 

1.     Ontario Occupational Health & Safety Act

2.     Ontario Regulation 851-Industrial Establishments

3.     Ontario Regulation 860-WHMIS

4.     MSDS Online Brochure

5.     Ontario Regulation 490-Designated Substances

6A.   OHS Explanatory Material-Guide to The Occupational Health & Safety Act

6B.   OHS Explanatory Material-Guide for the Joint Health & Safety Committee

7.     WSIB Form 82-In case of injury at Work Poster

8.     WSIB First Aid Regulation 1101

9A.   Brock University Emergency Services and Phone Numbers - St. Catharines

9B.   Brock University Emergency Services and Phone Numbers - Hamilton

10.   Most recent JHSC Safety Inspection Reports

11.   Most recent JHSC Meeting Minutes

12.   EHS Assessment Surveys - coming soon

13.   Ontario Ministry of Labour Orders - coming soon

14.   Brock University Occupational Health & Safety Policy

15.   Brock University Workplace Violence Prevention Policy

16.   Brock University Respectful Work and Learning Environment Policy

17.   Brock University Joint Health & Safety Committee Members

18.   Brock JHSC Calendar

19.   EHS Communications-Monthly Bulletin

20.   Workplace Injury Summaries

21.  Ontario Ministry of Labour “Prevention Starts Here Poster”


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