OSAP and Income

OSAP and Income

Your OSAP calculation is partially based on the income you receive before and during the school year. If your income changes, it is important that you update your OSAP file to avoid issues with future funding or other penalties.

We automatically report most scholarships directly to OSAP - you do not need to report Brock Scholarships on your OSAP application. We will contact you via email if you receive a donor scholarship from our office that requires an OSAP update.

If you receive scholarships from another source (your parents' employers, your high school, or other community sources) you should reoprt these on your OSAP file.

Any bursary you receive from Brock based on financial need will be OSAP exempt. We will report the Bursary for you, and it will not affect your OSAP assessment.

If you receive bursaries from another source (your bank, your parents' employers, your high school, or other community sources) you should report these on your OSAP file.

Employment Income
When you applied for OSAP, the application asked for an estimate of your summer (pre-study) earnings, and an estimate for earnings from any part-time work during the school year.

IMPORTANTIn November, OSAP will email you to log back on to your application to provide an income update - this is your chance to enter any changes to your summer or school year income. Your income change may affect how much OSAP you receive, so contact us as soon as you know about a large income change so we can update your file.


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