How Do OSAP Students Pay?

How Do OSAP Students Pay?

Note: if you are a graduate student, please visit the Finance Website for account details.


If you are an OSAP student, you have two options for paying tuition:

1. Pay the full amount on your Fee Calculator by August 23rd.

2. Pay the first installment listed on your Fee Calculator by August 23rd.
Note: If you only pay the minimum first installment you will be charged a $75 deferral fee. The remainder of your Brock account must be paid in full by February 14th, 2014.


The exact amount of your installment depends on your course registration, residence assignment, and your OSAP status. OSAP students who are not in residence usually have a minimum first installment of $500 – but check your Fee Calculator online for your installment amount.

The finance office can help you make a payment through online or telephone banking, in person at your bank, via mail, or here at Brock. Check out their making payments website to get started.

Your OSAP application gave you a choice to have your tuition payments deducted from OSAP directly, or to have all of your OSAP be deposited into your bank account. You can change this option by dropping by the Student Awards and Financial Aid Office in person and completing the OSAP - Redirection of Funds form. 

I asked for my OSAP to go directly to Brock

I asked for my OSAP to go to my bank account


How do OSAP students pay?

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