Tips for writing a thank-you letter

Tips for writing a thank-you letter

When you receive a gift, it is important to say thank you.

Brock alumni and donors help fund our awards, scholarships and bursaries through their generous contributions.

On your behalf, we will send a thank you letter to the donor that contributed to your award, letting them know the impact that the award has made in your life. If you have received more than one award, you will need to write a separate thank you letter for each award. Some awards have more than one donor, so you will need to write a separate letter for each donor.

If you have received an award, visit to submit your thank you letter online via the Awards Confirmation link. Once you have submitted your thank you letter online, the Student Awards & Financial Aid Office will release the funds to you.

Prepare your thank you letter as a word document and save it as a pdf before you submit it online. Be sure to save your file as the name of the scholarship.

What do you say?

Your thank you letter should be at least two paragraphs and be around 200 words.

Things to include:

  • Donor’s name
  • Name of the specific award
  • Information about yourself: program of study, hometown, family background, etc.
  • Why you picked Brock University
  • How this award will make a difference in helping you start or continue your university education.
  • Your future educational/career goals.
  • What winning this award means to you.

Before you submit your letter, did you:

  • Spell the donor’s name correctly?
  • Include the title of the specific award?
  • Made sure you had no spelling or grammatical errors?
  • Proofread your letter and have a friend or family member read it?


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