Scholarship & Bursary Application

Scholarship & Bursary Application

Applications for Brock scholarships and bursaries open annually on August 1st for students registered in the upcoming Fall/Winter session.  To be considered for awards and bursaries you must submit your OneApp annually.  For currently registerd students, the deadline to be considered for bursaries is October 15 and the deadline for scholarships is May 31. If you are graduating in the Spring, make sure your One App is submitted by April 30 to be eligible for graduating student awards.  We suggest you keep your OneApp up to date by reviewing and submitting the application throughout the year.  Completing your OneApp will make you eligible for all donor-sponsored scholarships and bursaries.

Only one application is required per academic year.

To complete the financial section of the One App, you will need specific financial information about you and your family.  Here's a list of information you should have before starting the application.

  • Your Mother's and your Father's Annual Gross Income for the past tax year, for dependent new window
  • Your Spouse's Annual Gross Income for the past tax year, for married students.
  • Your Gross Income during the Pre-study Period, typically the spring and summer for most students.
  • Your Gross income for the Study Period, typically the fall and winter for most students.

For more information regarding Brock University Scholarships and Bursaries, please review our Bursary Frequently Asked Questions and our Scholarships Frequently Asked Questions.

Please start your OneApp new window

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