Admissions / Fees

Admissions / Fees


Residence Room Fees for 2014-15*



Double Room

Single Room



5560 + 250 flex

6595 + 250 flex




6595 + 250 flex



5560 + 250 flex

6595 + 250 flex




6595 + 250 flex





Non Traditional

Quarry View


7585 + 250 flex



6065 + 250 flex

7185 + 250 flex





 *Residence Room Fees include utilities, local telephone and network connections.

 Meal Plan Fees for 2014-15



Non Taxable



























All residence students are also automatically charged $250 flex dollars (see residence room fees above) which is also on the Brock card. Flex dollars are taxable, refundable and can be carried forward for use in future years.

DeCew, Vallee, Earp and Lowenberger (traditional style) Residences:

- Mandatory Meal Plan: students assigned to rooms in DeCew, Vallee, Earp and Lowenberger must purchase a meal plan.


A residence meal plan is not mandatory for students living in Village and Quarry View townhouses. However, students assigned to a townhouse are welcome to purchase a meal plan if they wish.  They can choose any of the Traditional or Townhouse plans.

Note 1: Meal plan dollars are tax free and used to purchase meals (a “meal” is at a minimum a drink and one other item, such as a sandwich. Cash registers are programmed to charge appropriately.) 

Note 2: Additional Flex dollars may be purchased at any time via the Brock Card website, or by visiting the Brock Card office.  The minimum dollar amount that maybe purchased is $25.00. 

*Flex dollars are the only ‘currency’ which can be used in residence laundry machines, at residence service desks to purchase guest parking passes and at Captain John’s Lounge service counter.  Also, Flex dollars (or cash) can be used in both residence dining halls, all residence vending machines and all on-campus food service outlets (including on-campus Tim Hortons, Market Hall, Alumni Student Centre food services, General Brock store). Flex dollars can also be used at several off-campus vendors, including: Shopper’s Drugmart and Boston Pizza at the Pen Centre; Eastside Mario's and Jack Astor's on Ontario St; and local PizzaPizza just to name a few.         

For more information about meal plans and food services on-campus please visit the Brock Dining Services website. For more information about Flex dollars please visit the BrockCard website.

Payment For Residence
You will need to pay a $600 deposit to complete your residence application. We will begin accepting deposit payments on Monday, April 7, 2014 (please do not attempt to make the payment before that date). Preferred methods of payment are available on our Finance Department web site. We ask that you do NOT mail a cheque to Brock. We will process all applications so long as we receive the deposit payment but we will give priority in the assigning process to those who meet our deadline. We strongly recommend that you keep a copy of confirmation of your payment, e.g. print a copy of the confirmation screen if you are paying by on-line banking, or the deposit slip if you pay at your bank.

First Instalment:
On July 31 a first instalment will be due as follows:
$4100 from students allocated to a townhouse residence (Village or Quarry View Residence)

$6100 from students allocated to a traditional residence (DeCew, Vallee, Earp or Lowenberger)
$2000 from students with a confirmed OSAP assessment that they are receiving $10,000 or over in OSAP and have opted to redirect funds to the university (regardless of where they have been allocated).

Final Payment:
Due on September 3, 2014.

It is each student's responsibility to monitor their Financial History to identify charges that have been put onto their student account and check to see that payments they have made have been safely received. You can do so by logging into the Brock portal.

Winter Break Fee
There will be a charge of $240/week, or any part thereof, for students staying in residence over the Winter Break. For more details please click here to view our Winter Break Closure information.

Early Withdrawal from Residence
Please click here for details of  Early Withdrawal From Residence.

Income Tax
Residences are on tax exempt land therefore students are not charged taxes on residence fees. This means that residence fees cannot be claimed as rent payments on income tax returns. The only claim that is allowed is $25 for the year (with no receipt necessary), as directed by the Ontario government: for more information, see their Property and Sales Tax regulations. For this reason, the University does not issue tax receipts for residence fees. If you wish to have a complete financial statement, you will find a full history of residence fees that you were charged on your Financial History on the Brock Portal. Only the current year's charges are displayed by default but you can enter an earlier date to see charges and payments for earlier years.