Building Descriptions

Building Descriptions

There are four traditonal style residences (DeCew, Vallee, Earp and Lowenberger) two townhouse style residences (Village and Quarry View) and one suite style residence for senior students (Gateway Suites). Incoming Year 1 students will be asked to choose a style of residence and not a particular building. We believe that all of our buildings are good places to live. You will find it is the people you live with who will make your residence experience a great one, not the bricks and mortar!

DeCew Residence

The DeCew Residence, which accommodates 414 students, is a low-rise, red-brick building composed of 10 linked houses. Most rooms are arranged with adjoining lounges for six, with two double rooms and two single rooms (see a typical single room layout or typical double room layout).  Each floor has lounges and washrooms. There are separate male and female washrooms. The house system gives a special character and warmth to DeCew life. The sense of family that develops among the members of each house is an important part of residence spirit. A meal plan is mandatory.

Gordon and Betty Vallee Residence

The Gordon and Betty Vallee Residence can accommodate 251 students in single rooms with a four-piece washroom shared between two students (see a typical room layout).  Each of the six halls has a large furnished common lounge area. The Vallee Residence contains study rooms and laundry rooms. A covered walkway connects Vallee Residence to the east end of DeCew Residence. In many respects Vallee Residence is very similar in design to Earp Residence. A mealplan is mandatory.

Alan Earp Residence

The Alan Earp Residence is a five-storey building, located on the east end of campus. It is very similar in design to Vallee Residence with two single rooms sharing an adjoining four-piece washroom (see a typical room layout).  There are common spaces, study rooms, storage space and laundry facilities. A total of 255 students can be accommodated. A meal plan is mandatory.

Arnie Lowenberger Residence

The Arnie Lowenberger Residence is situated at the southwest corner of the Brock campus , nestled amongst our Village Residence townhouses. Lowenberger Residence opened in the Fall of 2003 with accommodation for 311 students in both double and single rooms (see a typical room layout). There is a common lounge in each hall, laundry facilities, vending areas and a residence dining hall. A mealplan is mandatory.

Village Residence

The Village Residence is located near the Walker Complex. It is a townhouse-style arrangement accommodating 868 students. It combines on-campus convenience with a more independent lifestyle. Each unit has three single bedrooms, one double bedroom, one four-piece washroom and one two-piece washroom and a kitchen/dining/living room area. We provide all basic furnishings for the bedrooms (see a typical single room layout or typical double room layout), a kitchen table and chairs for the dining area and lounge furniture. A refrigerator and stove outfit the kitchen. The units are equipped with central vacuum.

Quarry View Residence

Directly across the road from the main campus, the Quarry View Residence opened in the Fall of 2003. Quarry View is made up of 80 stacked townhouse units. There are 290 furnished, single rooms (see a typical room layout) in a mixture of three-bedroom and four-bedroom units. Each unit has one four-piece washroom, one two-piece washroom, a communal living/dining area and kitchen equipped with a refrigerator and stove. The units are large and spacious and we provide all the basic furnishings for the entire unit.  The internet provided in Quarry View is wireless so no need to bring your own router.

Gateway Suites

Gateway Suites (opening September 2015) is on the edge of campus adjacent to Quarry View Residence.  This suite style residence is geared toward upper year and graduate students.  It offers 4 single bedroom units that share an open concept living and kitchen area with 2 full bathrooms.  Each suite is equipped with its own washer/dryer and dishwasher.  This facility will be available year round on a 12 month termination lease.  Visit the webpage on Gateway Suites for more information.

General Information

 Accessibility/Special Needs
Accommodations in Vallee, Earp, Village, Lowenberger and Gateway Suites are available for students with special needs. There are rooms with special features such as visual fire alarms and washrooms which are accessible for students with physical disabilities. However, we will only be able to make arrangements for students with special needs if we are told about them when the on-line application is completed-there is a section for just this purpose. In addition, we require that anyone with special needs registers with the Student Development Centre at Brock, 905-688-5550 x3240, and provides them with any necessary documentation.

As Brock is a smoke free campus, smoking is NOT permitted in any residence, which includes entrances to residence buildings such as Stairwells 1, 5, 6, 14, 15 and 18 in DeCew, unit front doors or front stoops of Village and Quarry View units, and at the front or back entrances of Vallee, Earp and Lowenberger Residences. 

House/Hall/Court Names
Each House/Hall/Court is named after someone. Click on the name of the residence for a detailed list and description of the Houses/Halls/Courts/Blocks in that Residence.




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