Message from the A-VPR (Social Sciences and Humanities)

Message from the A-VPR (Social Sciences and Humanities)

I feel very privileged to be here. I have a front-row seat to the compelling, thought-provoking, important research happening at Brock. I look forward to working with faculty to find ways to assist researchers to continue to do the great work that they are doing.

My role is to help articulate the strategic direction for research at Brock, firstly, by working with the Vice President Research and my fellow Associate Vice President Research to concretize the Brock 2013 Research Plan and, secondly, to create and implement various methods by which we can realize that vision.

Peer support

Such a model is comprised of two directions: a broad, “collectivist” approach in which researchers come together and support one another through such activities as the SSHRC Day workshop, peer support and mentorship; and a focused, individualist approach in which researchers receive targeted, specific support based on the uniqueness of their work. My colleagues and I will be exploring strategies and activities that will concretize these two directions.

Brock is blessed with a youthful, energetic, passionate, grounded faculty who need to be given the support to do that which they are already doing. Part of my job is to assess – and provide solutions to – obstacles that take time away from their primary activities. I can take these impediments off their plate; I can say, rather than downloading, we are going to upload, we are going to remove this so that you are free to pursue your work.

Common CV

An example of this is SSHRC’s Common CV (CCV). Here, we have a situation that involves a tremendous amount of mostly rote work; faculty do not have the time for it, and we are not sure of the best way to complete the CCV. So, inputting data into this document is one way that the Office of Research Services and the Office of the Vice President Research can take this off researchers’ plates.

On the other side of the spectrum, I am working with the Vice President Research and my fellow Associate Vice President Research to keep an eye out for what is happening in the larger world. We are emissaries of sorts, moving back and forth between faculty and the funding agencies/other sources of research support, and it is our job to ensure that faculty know about opportunities that Brock researchers can pursue.

My colleagues and I will be involved in the larger conversation around research in Canada and the world. Having a seat at the table when, for example, SSHRC or the Council of Ontario Universities have these conversations, will ensure that we influence the conversation, rather than just inherit decisions made by somebody else.

We are nimble; we are young at heart; we are imaginative; we have a tradition of being connected to the community; we take risks in ways other institutions are less willing to. In this changing funding climate, we have the essential ingredients to really lead the way.

Dr. Kevin Kee



Appointment as A-VPR

Photo of Dr. Kevin Kee
Dr. Kevin Kee

Dr. Kevin Kee is a digital historian who uses computing to analyze and express culture in innovative ways, particularly in the field of history. His research program lies at the intersection of history, computing, education and game studies. He received a PhD from Queen’s University and holds a MA and a BA from Queen’s University. Dr. Kee is the Canada Research Chair of Digital Humanities. He is founder and director of the Ontario Augmented Reality Network, a collaboration of universities, private-sector developers, cultural agencies, government and others dedicated to building and expanding the Augmented Reality Applications sector. Dr. Kee has published extensively on the use of computer simulations for history teaching and learning and Canadian cultural history. He has produced history web sites, games and simulations.


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