Establishing a Research Account

Establishing a Research Account

Before you begin spending

When a grant is awarded, the money is sent to Brock, and Brock holds the money in trust for you. Together, you and Brock are therefore both accountable to the Funding Agency for complying with the terms of the award and for reporting on the spending of the funds.
To put the research money to use you will be given an account number by Office of Research Services (ORS) which can be used on all requisitions, journal entries and employment contracts needed to complete the research.
Before we can give you an account number however,
  • You must provide ORS with a copy of the application if you did not go through the Office of Research Services at the time you applied for funding,
  • You must provide ORS with a copy of the award announcement, research agreement or terms and conditions of the grant, so that we know the amount of the award, when the grant starts and ends, what expenses are eligible, if there are any special or unusual conditions and what the reporting requirements are,
  • You must apply for and receive certifications for human ethics, animal care or biohazards, and
  • You must sign an Accountabilities Form acknowledging that you are responsible for all spending on your account.
When these conditions are met, an account will be created.  You will receive an email notification along with an Award Notice and Accountabilities Form from our office.  Both the notice and form will include the account number, the amount of the award, the start and end dates, and any special conditions attached to the award.  As soon as we have your signed accountabilities form, you are ready to start spending.

A few important words
about Start and End Dates

The start date is normally the date on which work on the project actually starts.  The end date establishes when the award ends and spending terminates.  The rules differ from one funding agency to another as to the eligibility of any spending that takes place before or after these dates.  It is your responsibility to know and follow these terms.

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