Course Information
Course Code PSYC 4P92
Course Title History of Psychology
Description Historical development of the multiple orientations within psychology. Topics include philosophical and scientific influences on the development of psychology as a field, and a historical analysis of the student’s thesis topic.
Course Format Lectures, seminar, 3 hours per week.
Restrictions open to PSYC (single or combined) majors with with approval to year 4 (honours), a minimum 80 percent major average and permission of the Department.
Prerequisite(s) one of PSYC 3F40 (3P41 and 3P42), 3P30, CHYS 3P10, 3P15.
Corequisites PSYC 4F91
Notes students not completing a thesis in the same year or students in combined programs completing a thesis in another discipline should contact the Department.