Course Information
Course Code LING 2P99
(also offered as CHYS 2P99)
Course Title Literacy in Childhood and Youth
Description Exploration of selected issues in literacy development. Topics may include reading, writing, the impact of information technology on literacy development in the Canadian or global context.
Course Format Lectures, seminar, 3 hours per week.
Restrictions open to APLI (single or combined), HEAR, SPLS (single or combined), CHYS (single or combined), CHYS (Honours)/BEd (Primary/Junior), NEUR, PSYC (single or combined) majors, APLI, CHYS, PSYC minors, HESC, SLSC and TESC Certificate students until date specified in Registration guide.
Prerequisite(s) LING 1F94 or PSYC 1F90.