Course Information
Course Code LING 1P93
Course Title Introduction to Communication Disorders
Description Critical appraisal of contemporary theories and research concerning atypical speech, language and hearing development and of acquired disorders of speech, language and hearing. Topics include differentiation of communication disorder from communication difference, articulation and phonological disorders, language disorders of children and adults, stuttering and hearing loss.
Course Format Lectures, seminar, 3 hours per week.
Restrictions open to APLI (single or combined), ALTS, HEAR, SPLS (single or combined), CHYS (single or combined), CHYS BA Honours/BEd (Primary/Junior), HESC, SLSC and TESC Certificate students until date specified in Registration guide.
Notes this course is of interest to students in education, behavioural and social sciences, health sciences and to students intending to pursue subsequent professional training in speech-language pathology or audiology.