Course Information
Course Code GEOG 3P14
(also offered as OEVI 3P14)
Course Title Introduction to Soil Science
Description Physical, chemical, biological and hydrological processes within the soil system, their interrelation and relation between these processes and the potential use of the soil. Emphasis on soils in Southern Ontario and individual student analysis of those soils.
Course Format Lectures, lab, 5 hours per week.
Restrictions open to GEOG (single or combined), GEOG (Honours/BEd (Intermediate/Senior) and OEVI majors until date specified in Registration guide. After that date open to GEOG (single, combined or general studies), GEOG (Honours/BEd (Intermediate/Senior), OEVI (single or general studies), GHUM, SOSC majors, GEOG, OEVI minors until date specified in Registration Guide.
Prerequisite(s) GEOG 1F91 or permission of the instructor.
Exclusions Completion of this course will replace previous assigned grade and credit obtained in GEOG 2P97.