Course Information
Course Code CHEM 1P00
Course Title Introductory Chemistry
Description Fundamental principles of chemistry. Topics include atomic structure and the periodic table, names and formulas of chemical compounds, principles of chemical bonding, types of chemical reactions, and basic chemical calculations. Tutorials emphasize the development and practice of problem solving skills.
Course Format Lectures, 3 hours per week; lab, tutorial and problems solving session, 3 hours per week.
Notes open to students with less than 70 percent 4U/M chemistry or equivalent who are enrolled in a program leading to a BSc degree, or with permission from the Department. CHEM 1P00 is designed to assist those with insufficient background in chemistry to succeed in CHEM 1F92. Students with less than 70 percent in 4U/M chemistry, or who have not taken an advanced high school chemistry course are allowed to take CHEM 1F92 instead of CHEM 1P00 by permission of the Department if they pass a written test of basic chemistry knowledge, to be administered before classes begin. Materials fee required.