Course Information
Course Code BIOL 3P60
Course Title Animal Behaviour
Description Social context of behaviour and natural selection: the evolution and significance of visual, auditory and olfactory communication; spacing behaviour and the evolution of diversity in spacing systems; mating systems and sexual selection; development of species-typical behaviour; the development and significance of periodic behaviour patterns including endogenous rhythms orientation and navigation.
Course Format Lectures, 3 hours per week; lab, 3 hours per week.
Restrictions open to BIOL (single or combined), BIOL (Honours)/BEd (Intermediate/Senior), BSC Integrated Studies (Honours)BEd (Junior/Intermediate), BCHM, BMED, BTEC, NEUR, OEVI majors and BIOL minors until date specified in Registration guide. Students must have a minimum of 8.0 overall credits.
Prerequisite(s) BIOL 2P05 and 2Q04.
Notes materials fee required.