Spring/Summer Registration Guide

Spring/Summer Undergraduate Registration Guide2015


The Undergraduate Calendar

Why is it so important?

Though its size may seem daunting at times, the Undergraduate Calendar is a necessary resource. It contains information regarding nearly every aspect of Brock's environment. From school-wide rules and regulations to student rights and responsibilities, the organization and structure of the university are described in detail. The Undergraduate Calendar is reviewed annually and a new version is published each Spring. Copies are accessible on-line by pointing your browser to brocku.ca/webcal. Calendars starting from the 2004-2005 academic year are available online, in a fully searchable and well-indexed format.

  • When looking at program requirements (degree-, certificate-, minor-specific, etc.), you should always follow the Calendar that was in effect when you entered/declared your current major.

    Most students, therefore, follow the program requirements of the year they first enrolled at Brock. Students who have changed their major follow the Calendar from the year they declared/changed majors. If you haven't enrolled in any classes for one academic year, you will follow the current Calendar for the year you return.

  • When looking at course registration you should always follow the Calendar that is in effect at the time of registration as Course descriptions (including their restrictions and requirements) can change annually.

Start with your Program Requirements

Your degree, no matter the major, will require you to complete a set number of credits. All requirements needed to complete your degree are outlined in detail within the Undergraduate Calendar. Below is a breakdown of the credits which make up each degree.

15 or 20 credits, depending on the degree
Major-specific credits Context credits Elective credits
Credits which are related to, but not necessarily the same as, your major(s)
Sometimes course-specific (i.e., "RECL 3Q07 or 3Q17")
Sometimes subject- and/or year-specific (i.e., "two ECON credits numbered 2(alpha)90 or above")
Mandatory for every undergraduate degree: one Humanities context credit AND one Science context credit AND one Social Science, context credit.
In some cases, a context credit is included in the major program requirements
The list of approved Context credit courses is available on-line: http://brocku.ca/registrar/advising/context-credits
Credits of your choice, given that you fulfill the prerequisites, co-requisites and/or restrictions of the course(s)
Check the program notes in your program requirements. Every degree is made up of a set number of certain year level credits, so your electives may need to be taken at a certain year level.

When pursuing your degree, you are advised to take courses in an identical or similar order to how they are listed in the Undergraduate Calendar (i.e., according to specified years and sessions). Doing so will help to avoid conflict with major-specific courses that may have prerequisites and/or restrictions. Starting with your program requirements will give you a good idea of what courses you should take each session. You should try to take your major-specific credits and context credits first, and leave elective credits for later in your degree (if possible). A registration worksheet has been provided to help keep track of potential course selections.