Spring/Summer Registration Guide

Spring/Summer Undergraduate Registration Guide2015


Are you eligible to take the course?

When you have checked the availability of the course via the online timetable, be sure to read over the course description and course notes to ensure that you meet all preliminary course requirements. If you do not satisfy the course requirements, you should check to see if you are eligible for an override. Should you register in a course without satisfying the requirements listed in the course description and course notes, you may not be permitted to register in the course.

Overrides (Special Permissions)

Circumstances may arise where you are unable to register for a course you need to take. In most cases, you will require an override to register in the course. Overrides are granted through the department/centre offering the course. Students requiring an override should directly contact the department/centre offering the course.

Examples of circumstances requiring an override are listed below.

  • You do not satisfy course restrictions (i.e., must be a Political Science major and have 9.0 credits)
  • You do not have the prerequisite to enroll in a specific course
  • You have not yet completed the prerequisite course(s) from a previous session. This would include those who received incomplete (IN), in progress (IP), or deferred examination (SP) grades.
  • You have been granted verbal permission, exemption, or substitution from the prerequisite course(s)
  • You have an unspecified credit from another institution which does not automatically appear to satisfy the prerequisite requirements