Returning Undergraduate Registration Guide

Returning Undergraduate Registration Guide2016-2017 Fall/Winter

When to Register

2015-2016 Fall/Winter

Registration will open at 6 am on the date indicated by your number of credits

PLEASE NOTE: Registration dates are subject to change.


All systems go? Registration System Availability

After you choose which courses you'd like to take, check the registration schedule below to see when the registration system becomes available to you. Availability is based on how many credits you have accumulated as of June 30, 2015. This also applies to new students with transfer credits and Letter of Permission students.

Accumulated credits
(as of June 30)
System opens at 6:00 AM
New Year One Students:
New Year 1 (0 credits) June 15, 2015
Returning Students (Includes Transfer Students):
17 or more credits July 6, 2015
15 or more credits July 7, 2015
13 or more credits July 8, 2015
Less than 3 credits July 9, 2015
More than 10 credits July 10, 2015
10 credits July 13, 2015
9 or more credits July 15, 2015
8 or more credits July 16, 2015
More than 5 credits July 17, 2015
5 credits July 20, 2015
3 or more credits July 22, 2015
Students on a Letter Of Permission (LOP) from other Universities
Any  July 29, 2015
More Registration Dates
Late Registration Begins*

September 22, 2015
January 15, 2016
Registration System Closes*
Fall (Duration 1 and Duration 2)
Winter (Duration 3)
September 22, 2015
January 15, 2016

* A late registration fee of $55 is applied to all initial registrations occurring after the dates listed above for the applicable term.

Restricted courses:

Certain courses are described as "restricted to (certain) majors" until July 27, 2015, unless otherwise noted,  so that majors have the first chance to register in classes that are high in registration volume. Registration dates for non majors are listed on a per course basis in the timetable, under the Notes column.

Late Registration

You should also make note of the Late Registration periods above to avoid unnecessary fees. Late Registration is when a student initiates registration in a session on or after the Late Registration date. A Late Registration Fee of $50 will be charged to your account and payment of tuition and fees will be due upon receipt of your Statement of Account.

Registration after the System close dates

Students wishing to add a course after the registration system close date may do so upon approval from the Office of the Registrar, after submitting proof of course payment from Financial Services and the appropriate registration form(s) (with the Late Registration fee if applicable), complete with the course instructor's signature. To change or withdraw from a course component after the on-line system closes, fill out the corresponding registration form. Information on course withdrawal, including applicable academic and financial penalties is available under Withdrawals.

Most forms are available online at or at the Office of the Registrar.

Registration Hours

The online registration system is busiest between 9 am and 8 pm on weekdays, and between 11 am and 3 pm on weekends. Any downtimes the system may encounter will be posted online.

Midnight -
3:00am -
6:00am -
8:00am -
Noon -
3:00pm -
6:00pm -
9:00pm -