Returning Undergraduate Registration Guide

Returning Undergraduate Registration Guide2016-2017 Fall/Winter


Register for Your Courses


* Note Late Registration periods listed at

  1. ACTIVATE your student portal account - Go to

    Through you will be able to access registration as well as information regarding your academic status, degree progression, financial and other important information.

    To activate your account, begin with the I am a New or Returning Student or Alumnus link on the web page. Read and follow the instructions on each screen. This process will also provide you with a Brock e-mail account and a Brock computer account. Once you have completed activating your account, log in using your student number and your new password.

    Brock University Departments/Centres, as well as the Office of the Registrar, will use your Brock (badger) e-mail address as a means of contacting you. It is your responsibility to check this account often. You cannot forward this e-mail address to any hotmail or other e-mail address you may have.

  2. Click on REGISTER from the Student Self Serve menu and Complete the DECLARATION

    Once you click on Register, you will be brought to the Declaration screen. First, select the session for which you are registering from the drop-down menu. Your first time on the registration system, you must also confirm your program of study. You must complete each section of the Declaration form before you register.

    If you disagree with any information displayed, click the "I disagree button" under the information in question. Once you have answered each section of the Declaration, click the "Submit Declaration Form" button at the bottom of the screen. You will still be permitted to register.

  3. "I disagree"

    If you disagreed with any information on the Declaration form, continue with Steps 4 and 5. Once you complete your registration, follow the steps below.

    If you disagreed with: Program of Study or Immigration Status, contact Student Records at or x3099.

    If you disagreed with mailing or local address, a warning will be displayed each time you log in to Student Self Serve. You have until September 25th to go to Student Access and correct your mailing and/or local address. After September 25th, your registration access will be blocked until you update your mailing and/or local address.

    If you disagreed in error or require assistance, please contact Student Records at or x3099.

  4. Register for Courses

    For assistance in how to ADD a course, CHANGE a secondary or DROP a course, please use the online tutorial available through the HELP menu option on the right side of the menu bar.

    • To ADD a course that has no secondary component (seminar/lab/tutorial), simply click on "ADD" displayed beside the lecture.
    • To ADD a course with a secondary component, click on the "+" function beside the course to display available secondaries. Click on the "ADD" by the secondary you wish to select in order to add both that secondary and the lecture. You will not be able to add the lecture without selecting a secondary.

    TIP - By scrolling over the elements of the courses listed you can reference the course name, restrictions and other course information.

    Your course additions will show in the List of Registered Courses for Current Registration Period and a confirmation message of "You have successfully added (course information)" will display.

    If a course offering is listed on the timetable but is not showing as available in Register, the course may be full. Contact the Department/Centre offering the course to see if a Wait List is being kept, or if special consideration might be made for you to enroll in the course (see "override" in the Brock Talk glossary).

    • To CHANGE a secondary, click on the "CHANGE" link shown on the List of Registered Courses for Current Registration Period. Only available secondaries will display. Changing a secondary will not drop you from the lecture. A confirmation message will be displayed to verify a change made and the list of registered courses will be updated.
    • To DROP a course, click on the "DROP" link shown on List of Registered Courses for Current Registration Period. A confirmation message will display to verify the change made and the list of registered courses will be updated.

    At any time you may access a Complete List of Courses through the link at the end of this page (note, this is an overnight update).

  5. Check for Conflicts

    If you are registering in more than one course, you will need to check for course conflicts. Go to StudentSchedule to view your schedule and potential course timetable conflicts (use link at the end of the registration page). Any conflicts will be shown here, indicated by an orange "conflict exists" block. If you have a conflict, make note of the conflict and search for an alternative offering. (NOTE: This may be an overnight update).

    If you are registering for courses after the exam schedule is posted (late October for December exams; mid-February for April exams), you are also responsible for keeping your exam schedule free of conflicts.