Obtaining your Diploma

Obtaining your Diploma

Obtaining Your Diploma

In order to be considered for graduation, you are required to submit an "Intent to Graduate" form with fee by the required deadline.

Deadline to apply: Spring Convocation - February 1
Deadline to apply: Fall Convocation - July 1

This form can be found on the Office of the Registrar’s form page: brocku.ca/registrar/forms or you can fill out the application online via your student self-serve under GraduationApp. This page will also allow you to confirm if you have met your program requirements.

Your diploma will be presented to you at the Convocation ceremony. If you have questions about your diploma, please see us after the ceremony in the gowning room.  Graduands attend according to their faculty. Please refer to the ceremony schedule for the appropriate date and time of your ceremony.

Not Attending the Ceremony
If you will be unable to attend convocation, and would like your diploma to be picked up by a 3rd party or mailed out, please fill out a "Graduation in Absentia" form. It is not necessary to fill out a Graduation in Absentia form if you will be picking up your diploma in person. Graduates wishing their diplomas to be mailed to Asian countries will be required to pay the required courier fee. The “Graduation In Absentia” form can be found on the Office of the Registrar’s form page: brocku.ca/registrar/forms

Diploma/Certificate Copies
Following Convocation you may order a duplicate copy of your diploma or certificate. Students commonly request duplicate diplomas to provide to potential employers and for immigration purposes. Please visit the Office of the Registrar "Forms" page brocku.ca/registrar/forms and click on the link Diploma Duplicate or Replacement". Download the form and complete with payment information. The current fee is listed on the forms page. Should you need further assistance, please e-mail Diana Panter at convocation@brocku.ca.