IELP/Undergraduate Conditional Application Steps

IELP/Undergraduate Conditional Application Steps


Applying for an IELP/Undergraduate Conditional Offer of Admission
Prior to applying for a Conditional Offer applicants must ensure they meet the criteria for applying via this route:

  1. DO NOT meet our English language proficiency requirements.
  2. Plan to study in Canada on a Study Permit.

IELP/Undergraduate Application
Applicants apply using an internal Brock University application. The application package and appropriate fees must be submitted directly to:

Brock University
Office of the Registrar, Admissions
Attention: Conditional Undergraduate-IELP Admissions
1812 Sir Isaac Brock Way
St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada L2S 3A1

Click here to access the IELP/Undergraduate Online Application Form.

Application Fee
$400 ($100 undergraduate assessment fee, $50 service fee, $250 IELP Application Fee)

Alternate Offer Policy
Brock University has an alternate offer of admission policy. Only one offer of admission is given at any time. If the applicant is not eligible for the first choice on the application, they will automatically be considered for the second and then third choice. If not eligible for any of the programs listed on the application, Brock will automatically consider an alternate and related program. It is very important that applicants choose three programs on the application.

Academic Document Return Policy
Applicants should be aware that all academic documents submitted to Brock University become the property of Brock. The Office of the Registrar, Admissions will not return documents, nor will they provide photocopies of them for personal use. 

Applying for a Deferral
We recognize that applicants run into challenges and cannot always begin their studies as planned. If a change in IELP starting date is requested by the applicant (for whatever reason including Study Permit denial), a $100 Fee is required and must be paid by credit card. This fee cannot be taken from the tuition deposit.

Acceptable forms of payment are: Credit Card. Due to credit card industry regulations, the only acceptable method to submit this payment is via fax to:
905-988-5488 Attention: Office of the Registrar – International Admissions

Applicants must also send the completed Deferral Request Form (see link below).

Deferrals may only be requested once. If a student fails to show for the session deferred to, all fees will be forfeited and the offer is VOID.
Click her for the IELP/Undergraduate Offer Deferral Policy document.

Admission Deadlines
For information regarding deadlines for applying refer to the” Admission Deadlines” link.