Policies and Procedures

Recreation Services

Policies and Procedures

All patrons are required to treat each other and the staff of the Walker Complex with respect. Please ask to speak with a supervisor when necessary (Brock University's Respectful Work and Learning Environment Policy). Conducting or soliciting for any form of business within the facility (i.e., private lessons, personal training, sales) is strictly prohibited.

Security Cameras
The Walker Complex is monitored by surveillance cameras which record 24 hours per day. Tapes are only reviewed if an incident occurs.

Risks Involved in Activity
Participating in physical activity has many inherent risks including—but not limited to—personal injury. Prior to registering for a membership or program, it is recommended that you consult your physician if you have any medical concerns. The Department of Recreation Services requires all members and program participants to read and sign a Release of Liability, Waiver of Claims, and Indemnity Agreement at the time of registration.

Photography Rule
For the protection of all guests at the Walker Complex, the use of photographic equipment including cell phones with photographic capabilities, is strictly prohibited in the locker rooms and pool area. Use of photographic equipment in other areas of the Walker Complex requires departmental and participant permission.

Guests with Medical Conditions using the Pool
We hope that you have a safe and enjoyable visit with us today! In an effort to offer the best possible assistance to our guests with medical conditions, we ask that you inform our staff of these upon entrance to the pool. Also, we recommend that those who suffer from serious medical conditions use our facility with at least one other person who is aware of the condition. Our facility is available for use by people of different abilities, and we believe that these requests will assist you in having a safe and enjoyable experience. Have a great swim!

A public access Automated External Defibrillator (AED) is located outside the entrance to the locker rooms in the Walker Complex. All facility supervisors and aquatic supervisors are trained to use the AED.

Privacy Policy and Collection of Personal Information
Personal information is collected under the authority of The Brock University Act, 1964, and in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA) for the administration of the University and its programs and services. For details on the use and disclosure of this information, call the Director of the Department of Recreation Services at the University at x3574.  Email addresses are collected and used to email tax receipts, program information and programming notifications.

Crisis Communication and Emergency Preparedness
For more information on emergency preparedness at Brock and relevant policies and procedures including Inclement Weather Policy, please visit the University Marketing & Communications page.