Winter Intramurals

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Winter Intramurals

Winter 2016 Leagues

Registration opens: Friday, Jan 22 @ 8:30 am
Registration closes: Wednesday, Jan 27 @ 8:30 pm
Captains meetings: Thursday, Jan 28 @ 7:00 pm

League Night Cost
Men's Indoor Soccer Sun $210 ($70E + $40PB + $100BB)*
Women's Indoor Soccer Mon $110 ($70E + $40PB)*
Coed Underwater Hockey Tue
Coed 6's Volleyball Sun
Men's 6's Volleyball Sun
Women's 6's Volleyball Sun
Coed Dodgeball Tue
Coed Soccer Baseball Thu
Men's Doubles Badminton Tue $50 ($30E + $20PB)*
Women's Doubles Badminton
Mixed Doubles Badminton
Coed Broomball Sun-Thu $470 ($430E + $40PB)*
Coed Ice Hockey Various (late) $520 ($480E + $40PB)*
Table Tennis Singles Tue $35 ($15E + $20PB)
Coed Snow Football Tournament Sat. Jan 23 $40
March Madness Basketball Tournament March
E - Entry fee; PB - Performance Bond; BB - Behaviour Bond

*Fees quoted are per team. Free agents (individuals), who are not part of a team, may register at the Welcome Desk and the sport convenor will add you to a team. Registration cost for free agents is $15 per sport except Ice Hockey ($100), Co-ed Hockey ($50) & Broomball ($50).

†Coed Snow Football Tournament is a one-day tournament; Register between Jan 18-21. March Madness Basketball registration starts Friday February 12. See Tournaments page for details.