Co-ed Outdoor Ultimate Frisbee Rules

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Co-ed Outdoor Ultimate Frisbee Rules

Coed Outdoor Ultimate Frisbee Rules

1.     The fielding team shall consist of seven players.
2.     Only four male players are allowed in the game at any one time.
3.     A team must field a "minimum" of six players (3 males and 3 females) within five minutes of the scheduled starting time. Penalty: default
4.     Substitutions can be made at any time.
5.     Cleats are optional.
6.     Games begin with a pull (both teams start at opposite ends of the field and one team throws the disk to the other team). Before the game begins, there is a coin toss to determine who pulls and who receives.
7.     Possession Throws:
  • The frisbee is thrown, not handed, to a teammate.
  • Possession is maintained if the teammate catches the frisbee.
  • Throws may be: 1) in any direction, 2) made by any player, or 3) caught by any player.
  • Frisbee must be thrown within 7 seconds from the time you touch it.
  • You may not run with the frisbee, you may only pivot while in possession of the disk.
  • The defense must give the thrower at least two feet to throw the frisbee.


8.     Turnovers:
        The following will result in a turnover of possession to the opposing team:
  • an interception of a pass
  • an incomplete pass
  • a knocked-down pass
  • taking longer than 7 seconds to throw the frisbee
  • offensive pass interference
  • delaying or stalling to pick up the frisbee
  • throwing the frisbee out of bounds or catching the frisbee out of bounds -- you must have both feet in bounds for a completed pass
9.     Scoring:
  • Touchdowns are one point.
  • Touchdowns are scored by throwing, not handing, the frisbee to a teammate in the opponent's end-zone (players cannot run into the end-zone after making a catch) or by intercepting an opponent's pass in their end-zone.
  • The team which scored the touchdown, pulls.
  • Teams switch sides after a point is scored.


10.   Length of Games:
  • Tournament: Two halves of 15 minutes straight time each.
  • League: Two halves of 25 minutes straight time each.


Rules subject, dependent on field size.

No Student Card, NO PLAY!