Coed Indoor Soccer Rules

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Coed Indoor Soccer Rules

Co-ed Indoor Soccer Rules:

Standard CASA rules will govern play with the following additions:


*** Each team consists of 4 players + goalie. Teams must have at least two of each gender on the field at all times. ***

1.     All decisions of the official are final!

2.     Any fighting incident is an automatic red card, ejection from the game and will be handle by the Intramural Coordinator.

3.     Any team displaying constant rough type of play may be ejected from the league.

4.     Verbal abuse of an official will result in red card, ejection from the game and a minimum 1-game suspension.

5.     Games are played with 4 players and a goalie. Teams must have at least two of each gender on the field at all times. To start teams must have a minimum of 3 players plus a goalie to begin a game (At least two of the players must be female). (5 min default unless captain agrees; max 10 min delay.)

6.     Players must sign in names, student numbers, and pinnie number. Student cards must be presented each night.

7.     Substitutions may be made freely during play as long as the player coming off comes off in the area of the team's bench where the other player will come on. (Penalties may be assessed for illegal substitutions).

8.     Goalies cannot throw over half without it being touched by another player or bouncing first. Goalies must allow the ball to drop to the ground before kicking it out of their hands.

9.     Goalies are allowed four steps with the ball and five seconds to pass the ball, when handling the ball.

10.   Goalies - on any sliding save, the goalie must attempt to play the ball with hands, and make contact with the ball first. If not, it will be considered sliding, and penalized as such. Goalies must serve their own penalties.

11.   NO sliding allowed, two minute penalty and a free kick (indirect) will result.

12.   Hitting players from behind into the wall/corner is considered boarding. A yellow card, 2-minute penalty and free kick (indirect) will result. Players must keep their hands off the walls at all times.

13.   Penalties are two minutes, at the referee's discretion, for sliding, too many men on the floor, and unsportsmanlike conduct (pushing players, etc.) or repeat offences of indirect free kicks..

14.   A ball striking overhead objects or trapped in the sides results in turnover and free kick (indirect).

15.   Free kicks for any of 10 offenses are indirect. (Kicking, tripping, jumping, pushing, charging, holding, handling, striking, spitting, charging from behind.) 3 yards must be given for all indirect free kicks.  A yellow or red card may also be given for any of the above offenses, depending on the severity.

16.   Penalty kicks are taken from approximately 11 yards from goal for an intentional handball in the crease (referee's discretion). This is the only direct free kick.

17.   Only the captain may address an official. When addressing an official, the captain is expected to be courteous. The penalty for any other player addressing an official or directing remarks at him will be 5 minutes.

18.   If a player receives 2 yellow cards in one game, they are out for the remainder of the game.

19.   The ball is dead if it goes behind the net, and is a the goalies ball

Default score is 5-0