Volleyball 4's Rules

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Volleyball 4's Rules

Men's, Women's & Coed

O.V.A. Rules apply, with the following additions:

  1. No person may play for more than one team or in more than one league. (It is acceptable to play on a single-sex team in addition to a coed team.)
  2. No player may be added in the final week of league play. All players must play in at least two regular season nights (i.e. four games).
  3. If a team cannot field four players, teams may compete with three players on each side (providing both teams agree). Otherwise, it is considered a default.
    • Coed teams shall play with 2 males and 2 females on the court. In the case of 3 players competing on each side, coed teams shall consist of 2 males and 1 female, or 1 male and 2 females.
  4. Maximum of one "ex-varsity" (two years) volleyball player per team and that team must play in Competitive A. Current varsity players may not play.
  5. Games will be played up to 25 minutes. Should time expire when the game is tied, play will continue until another point is won by one of the teams. You do not need to win by 2 points.
  6. Each team is allowed one time out per game. These time outs will be 20 seconds long. Any player on the team may call this time out. No time outs may be called in the last 2 minutes of the game.
  7. It is a point or loss of serve if a player:
    • contacts the net at any time
    • crosses the centre line dividing the courts with any part of the body
    • steps on or over the line while serving
  8. The player who is in the serving position may not spike or block at the net. This is regardless of how many players your team has or whether your team has possession.
  9. A player may pass over the plane of the net only in the following situations:
    • on a follow-through when spiking, or
    • to block an opponent's shot ONLY AFTER the opponent has contacted the ball.
  10. A player may not make two consecutive hits of the ball, except where he/she has contacted the ball on a block, then he/she may hit the ball a second time.
  11. During the course of the play, the ball may be played by any part of the body.
  12. Double hits, pushes, and lifts will be monitored appropriately.
  13. No hats or bandannas (over whole head) are allowed to be worn during any game. Athletic attire including footwear must be worn.
  14. PROFANE LANGUAGE/GESTURES and UNSPORTSMANLIKE BEHAVIOUR directed at an official or player, will be dealt with as follows:
    • First Offense: suspension for remainder of game and/or tournament.
    • Second Offense: expulsion from that sport for remainder of year.
  15. Only the captain may address an official. When addressing an official, the captain is expected to be courteous. The penalty for any other player addressing an official or directing remarks at the official, will be loss of one point/or service.
  16. Final playoff game: best of 3 games to 25 points.
  17. Stalling during a game will result in a point to the other team, at officials' discretion.
  18. No Student Card NO PLAY.

Default Score is 20-0