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Registration Information

Who Can Participate?

Full-time and part-time students with a valid Brock ID card; and staff, faculty, or alumni who have purchased a Walker Complex membership.

How to Enter (2 ways):

1) As a TEAM:
Register online or in person by picking up a team entry form at the Walker Complex Welcome Desk or the Campus Recreation Office (WC 215).  After paying for the league sign onto our new scheduling system, IM Leagues, and sign up your team in the appropriate division.

Check the schedule on the web (Schedules/Standings) or on the bulletin board outside the Campus Recreation Office (WC 215) for your team's game times and locations.

2) As a FREE AGENT (individual):
Free agents may sign up at the Welcome Desk during the registration dates/times and pay the Individuals fee (described below). After registering with the Welcome Desk please make an account with IM Leagues and request to join the individuals team.


Additional Registration Information

See the Intramural Rules page for a full description of all regulations and sport-specific rules.

If a league fills, your team entry form will be held and you will be placed on a waiting list. No fee is required if you are placed on a waiting list. If a spot becomes available, you will be contacted and will then have 24 hours to pay all fees to the Welcome Desk.

Entry fees
We must charge a nominal amount to assist with costs. These fees vary by sport, are non-refundable, and are due at the time of registration. Your team's entry fee helps to offset some of the costs to administer the league you play in. These costs include the purchase and replacement of equipment, facility rental (for hockey and broomball), officials and convenors' wages, and promotional costs.

Each team participating in an intramural league must pay a performance bond; some sports also include a behaviour bond. These bonds are refundable if all rules and regulations are followed and no games are defaulted.

Why is there a performance bond?
Defaults cause frustrations for everyone involved: officials, convenors, and especially the team that misses playing their scheduled game because the opposition cannot field enough players. As well, the playing space is wasted, which could have been used for another competition.

What happens with the performance bond?
If your team is represented at the captains meeting, plays every competition and is not involved in any fights, a cheque for the bond amount will issued to the team captain or the person who paid the bond. It is the captain's responsibility to pick up the bond chit at the Welcome Desk. You will be required to take the chit to the Finance Department (on the 12th floor of the Schmon Tower) in order to receive a cash refund. You will need to show your Brock ID in order to receive your chit and your cash refund.

  • If your team defaults one game, they lose 1/2 of the bond.
  • If your team defaults a second game, they lose the full bond and will be removed from the league.
  • If a member of the team is involved in unacceptable behavior, the team may lose part or all of the performance bond.

Behaviour Bond
Some sports require a behaviour bond. The purpose of this bond is to prevent unacceptable behaviour during the intramural sports season. If your team competes fairly with respect for your opponents, officials and administrators, the bond will be returned to the team in full. If your team, a member of your team, "coach/manager", or spectators with your team display unacceptable behaviour, your team will lose part or all of the behaviour bond. Decisions regarding the bond and the team's status in the league will be handled by the Intramural Coordinator on a case-by-case basis.

Captain's Responsibilities
Every team must have a captain or a designated representative who will be responsible for the following:

  • Register the team during the registration dates/times and pay fees.
  • Sign your team up on IM Leagues in the appropriate league.
  • Attend the captains meeting (or have a team representative attend).
  • Ensure the eligibility of the team players.
  • Inform the team of the eligibility, conduct and activity rules and ensure that team members abide by the rules.
  • Relay any schedule changes to team members.
  • Sign the score sheet at the end of every game to verify the score and winning team.
  • Make sure that your team's first priority is to have fun through healthy competition.

Captains Meetings
All teams' captains (including wait-listed teams) are required to attend the captains meeting which will take place shortly after the registration deadline, at the date and time indicated for each sport. Failure to attend the captains meeting will result in the loss of half of your team's performance bond.

Game Schedules
Following the captains meeting, look for your game schedule online or on the wall outside the Campus Recreation office (WC 215).

Identification at Intramural Games
All players must show their current Brock ID card or Brock membership card with photo ID to the officials at each Intramural game they play. Remember, no ID, no play!

Walker Welcome Desk

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