Fall Intramurals

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Fall Intramurals

Fall 2014 Leagues

Registration opens: Friday, Sept 12 @ 8:30 am
Registration closes: Wednesday, Sept 17 @ 8:30 pm
Captains meetings: Thursday, Sept 18 @ 7:00 pm

League Night Cost
Women's 4s Volleyball Wed $100 ($60E + $40PB)*
Men's 4s Volleyball Wed
Coed 4s Volleyball Mon
Coed Slow-pitch (A, B, Rec) Sun

$110 ($70E + $40PB)*


Coed Flag Football Wed
Men's Flag Football Tue
Men's Ball Hockey Sun
Coed Ball Hockey Tue
NEW! Coed Tchouckball  Wed
Men's Afternoon Basketball Fri afternoon

Coed Innertube Water Polo

Coed Outdoor Soccer Sun
Coed Outdoor Soccer Baseball Wed
Women's Outdoor Soccer


Men's Outdoor Soccer


$210 ($70E + $40PB + $100BB)*

Badminton Singles (Men/Women) Sun $35 ($15E + $20PB)
Tennis Singles (Men/Women) Any day
Coed Quidditch Tournament† Sat. Oct 25 $40*
Coed Wallyball Tournament†  Sat. Nov 22
E - Entry fee; PB - Performance Bond; BB - Behaviour Bond

*Fees quoted are per team. Free agents (individuals), who are not part of a team, may register at the Welcome Desk and the sport convenor will add you to a team. Registration cost for free agents is $15 per sport except Ice Hockey ($100), Co-ed Hockey ($50) & Broomball ($50).

† One-day tournament; Register Oct 20-23 for Coed Quidditch & Nov 17-20 for Wallyball. See Tournaments page for details.

For additional sports, please see the Fall/Winter leagues page and Tournaments.

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