Winter Captains' Meeting

Recreation Services

Winter Captains' Meeting

Captains Meeting – Thursday January 23rd, 2013

Location: WC203

  1. All information is on Intramural home page

a. Go to Campus Rec home page, Click on Intramurals
b. IM office – open M - TH 12-4 for question or concerns

  1. All players must sign the team roster before playing

a. A player may only play for one (1) team – period –
b. May play on one Male/female team and can play on a co-ed team

  1. All players must bring their student card to each game

a. Full or part time students, Faculty or staff with facility membership, Alumni with facility membership 

  1. Jerseys  – All players must have numbered jerseys / pinnies for each game
    1. May be signed out from the cage

 Different Levels of Play

  1. Comp A – 2 players that have played competitive , Comp B – for fun
  1. Entry Fee, Performance Bond, and Fighting bond

a. Entry Fee – helps off set cost of league
b. Performance Bond – refundable if your team does not default a game

 i.      Default one game – give up ½ bond ($20)
 ii.      Default second game – give up all bond and are out of league

c. Behaviour  bond – refunded if your team does not fight/cause problems

i. All problems will be handled on a case by case 

  1. Spirit of Competition and Play Fair code of conduct

a. Spirit of Competition
b. Fair Play Code – for all

i.      Please note – your team is responsible for any of your fans!

  1. Ejections – Any Ejection – The Captain must sit out one game

 i.      Each game a captain must be appointed
 ii.      Failure to do this will result in me picking the captain for the game

  1. Please make sure conveners has your correct email !!!!!

a. Schedule changes
b. Defaults
c. Weather issues