Captains' Meetings

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Captains' Meetings

A captains' meeting for each sport league and tournament is scheduled to take place shortly after the registration deadline. All teams (including waitlisted teams) are required to have a representative attend the captains' meeting. Failure to attend the meeting will result in the loss of half of your team's performance bond.

Games will be scheduled following the captains' meeting and will be made viewable on the bulletin board located outside the Intramural office (WC 215) or on the Intramural web page.

Captain’s responsibilities
Every team must have a captain or a representative who will be responsible for the following:

  1. Enter the team during the registration dates/times.
  2. Attend the Captains’ meeting (or have a representative attend).
  3. Ensure the eligibility of the team players.
  4. Inform the team of eligibility, conduct and activity rules and ensure that team members abide by the rules.
  5. Read the Captains’ information located at the Intramurals web page.
  6. Relay any schedule changes to team members.
  7. Sign the score sheet at the end of every game to verify the score and winning team.
  8. Make sure that your team’s first priority is to have fun through healthy competition.

Captains/coaches must act as a team leader. He or she must encourage, motivate and assist in developing players to achieve their maximum potential. All coaches/captains will:

  • Teach players to play fairly and respect the rules, officials, spectators and players.
  • Work in co-operation with the officials for the benefit of the game.
  • Recognize and respect the differences in their players.
  • Not ridicule or degrade players for any reason.
  • Encourage and reward effort, fair play, participation and commitment.


Bond Refunds
This year (2011-2012) there is a new way for bond refunds. Providing your team has a positive balance, these funds will be transferred into the captain's student finance account OR if he/she is an alumni, staff or faculty, the funds will be written as a cheque.

Any other form of refund (outside of the bonds) will be re-issued based on the Intramural Co-ordinator's discretion (# of weeks, scheduling, pertinent information,etc) for each  individual request.