Leadership and First Aid Policies

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Leadership and First Aid Policies

Course Outlines
A course outline and any other course specific information will be received from your instructor the first day of the course. These outlines are subject to change.

100% attendance at each of our advanced courses is mandatory. Failure to do so may lead to incompletion of the course.

Course Prerequisites
Candidates must reach required age by last day of the course. Course prerequisites are to be completed before registering for the course. All documentation must be presented by the examination date. There are absolutely no exceptions to this policy. Proof (no photocopies; the actual certification card issued from the organization is the only valid proof of certification) must be seen by the instructor, and the proof must be available on the day of the exam, to be seen by the examiner. A Lifesaving Society print out from Find a Member showing pre-requisites is acceptable. Those candidates without proof of the necessary pre-requisites will not be permitted to take the exam.

It is Brock's policy to strongly encourage each candidate to purchase their own manuals. They may make notes in it, and it can be used for future reference.

Assignments/Written Quizzes
Included at the Instructor's discretion, we encourage instructors to use smaller quizzes throughout the course instead of offering one large exam at the end. We believe that knowledge is best demonstrated through performance and that failure of a written assignment may not necessarily mean failure of the course.

First Class
Please meet in front of the Welcome Desk, Walker Complex. Your Instructor will meet you there. The classroom portion always precedes the pool portion.

Candidate participation is vital to completion of any advanced level. This includes classroom and pool participation through discussion as well as through practical demonstration.

Appropriate Bathing Attire
Candidates are expected to wear appropriate bathing attire while in the pool and on the deck. The only exception applies when course content dictates otherwise. The instructor will inform candidates if this applies to them. Shoes are to be removed when walking on the pool deck.

Candidates who are sick are advised to attend class and sit out of the water portion. Attempt to participate as much as possible. Please contact the facility when possible.

Eating and Drinking
Candidates are permitted to eat or drink during the classroom portion only. Please be sure to use the garbage cans provided. Only water in plastic containers is to be consumed on the pool deck.

Mid-Course Evaluations
Mid-course evaluations are completed for each advanced level candidate, beginning at Bronze Medallion. Candidates keep one copy and Brock keeps a copy. We encourage parents to ask their children for these reports so that they can discuss the evaluation together. Please call Margie Lizzotti at 905-688-5550, ext 3555 if you have any questions.

Candidate Attitudes
While candidate attitudes may not be used as sole reason for a course failure, they are important and are evaluated. Skills such as punctuality, teamwork, responsibility and organization are important to successful completion of advanced levels. Usually poor performance in these areas will reflect elsewhere in course content. Please remember that several of our programmes are requirements for employment.

Unsuccessful course
An item that has not been demonstrated 3 times to standard is considered failure of the entire course. Candidates that fail our courses must repeat the entire course again. We do not offer partial courses or private examinations.

Evaluations & Examinations
It is the Lifesaving Society's policy to assign a separate examiner, other than the instructor, for each course (up to and including Distinction). Examiners are volunteers from the Lifesaving Society. It is their responsibility to examine candidates, but not to teach them. It is the Instructor's responsibility to prepare candidates for the exam. Those candidates who do not successfully complete all items of the course (three times), will not be permitted to attend the exam. Exams will range in time from 1 to 3 hours.

Temporary Cards
Brock issues temporary cards beginning with the Bronze Star level. Temporary cards are good for 3 months (90 days). Your permanent card will be mailed to you. If you have not received your card within 3 months, please contact the appropriate organization. The phone numbers for these organizations should appear on the reverse side of your temporary card.

Course/Instructor Evaluations
Each candidate is to complete a course/instructor evaluation at the last class prior to the examination. Instructors will not be viewing these until after the exam. These evaluations are important in assisting us in improving the delivery of our programmes.

Other Materials
Our programmes may require additional material such as whistles or t-shirts to be worn while in the swimming pool. Your instructor will inform you if anything else is required. Please bring a pen and paper to all classes.