Spinning Classes

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Spinning Classes

Get back exactly what you put into this indoor cycling class. Let your instructor give you the motivation you need to challenge yourself to new levels through a variety of techniques.  To guarantee your bike, sign up at the Zone desk up to 7 days in advance.

Express Spin

40 minute classes featuring hills, sprints, jumps and more!

Enduro Spin

60 minute endurance classes will be heavy on the hill climbs and prepare you for a long ride.

Included for undergraduate and graduate Brock students and Zone members.

This month's spin schedule

Tips to help you in your spin class:

  • Drink water before, during and after your class (bring a water bottle).
  • Arrive at class early, so you have time to adjust your bike.
  • Remember to tuck your laces in before you spin.
  • It's your journey..... talk to your coach.
  • Small towels are available for the class to wipe down bikes. Please bring your own "sweat" towel.

Additional tips from spin instructor Jon Radue can be found at http://www.cosc.brocku.ca/~jradue/spinning.html