No matter what happens today, we want to be able to do tomorrow what we were doing yesterday.

Welcome to B-Ready!
A unique, semi-customized, university-appropriate web-based planning tool designed to assist in building an enhanced emergency/contingency or “continuity” plan for your department or unit.
Continuity planning addresses the question: how can we prepare to continue operations despite adverse events - or if we can't continue, how can we  resume our operations rapidly and gracefully?   In the process it helps identify vulnerabilities for disruption and thereby stimulates the development of prevention and mitigation strategies. Therefore, a good continuity plan will identify action items: things that we can do now to prepare for an emergency, lessen the impact of disaster-events and make it easier to recover.
The core “business” of higher education is teaching, research, public service, and community well-being. These four enterprises, along with the infrastructure that supports them, are the focus of the continuity planning software we are using, developed at UC Berkeley. Some examples of events that could threaten our operations are naturally-occurring: earth quakes and pandemics; human caused: bombs or riots; or technological: computer crashes or power failure.



A departmental continuity plan:
  • Assembles and stores important information that will be needed during and after a disruptive or disastrous event.
  • Identifies your department's critical functions.
  • Describes how you might carry on these functions under conditions of diminished resources
  • Challenges one to prepare in advance for the emergency plus ensuing loss of space, equipment, or IT infrastructure.
Getting started is as easy as 1-2-3:
1. Download key interview questions to start gathering information and begin “critical” thinking
2. Log-in to http://ca.ready.kuali.org/brock and begin or request a User account (Brock employees will be automatically approved using their brocku.ca email, others need approval of the moderator)
3.  Create a plan or work the one to which you have been invited as a User.
Doing a full plan can be a long and daunting process, however the software makes it simple and leads you through it. Every piece of information that you add brings you one step forward in preparedness and resiliency. Start small and build from there, until you’re READY!
For help with building your business continuity plan, e-mail ready@brocku.ca