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Dr. Linda Rose-Krasnor

The overall direction of my research program is to understand the development of social competence in children and youth, with a special focus on the roles of parents, peers, and activity involvement.


 I am a co-investigator in a large longitudinal study of the role of friendships and parent-child relationships in adolescence. In addition, as research director of the Centre for Excellence of Youth Engagement, I have been involved in studies focused on better understanding the process of youth involvement and strategies for promoting greater youth participation in activities and organizations. I have a particular interest in the role of youth engagement in the development of social competence and adjustment, especially among socially withdrawn youth.


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bosacki Dr. Sandra Bosacki
Sandra Leanne Bosacki is an Associate Professor in the Graduate and Undergraduate Department of Education at Brock University, St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada. Her teaching and research interests include sociocognitive, emotional, moral, and spiritual development within diverse cultural and educational contexts. She is a contributing associate editor of the International Journal of Children's Spirituality and is the author of the books entitled, Children's emotional lives: Sensitive shadows in the classroom (2008) and The culture of classroom silence (2005). She has puublished research papers in the Journal of Educational Psychology, the Journal of Early Adolescence, Social Development, and Gender Roles: A Journal of Research.
Emily Thomas
I am a fourth year psychology student completing my honours thesis under the supervision of Dr. Rose-Krasnor. May academic interests predominantely lay in issues related to psychological development, particularly shyness, activity engagement, and adjustment.
Carly Steele
I am a 4th year undergraduate student working on my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with honours. I am currently writing my thesis on the role of emotion regulation on adjustment in shy and unsociable adolescents. I am interested in mental health and adolescent development, particularly with adolescents who may be at-risk for maladjustment.
Stoney McCart
Stoney is the Executive Director of the Centre of Excellence for Youth Engagement, as well as the Director of the Students Commission in Toronto. The Commission is a charitable organization dedicated to creating and promoting opportunities for young people to learn and grow in a positive and safe environment.

Junru Zhao
Junru is a PhD student interested in children and adolescents' social and emotional development, considering the potential influence of cultural factors. She would like to explore how parent-child and teacher-child interactions directed by two different cultural scripts (adult-centered within Chinese culture vs. child-centered within Canadian culture) may be associated with children's self (e.g., self-esteem), social (e.g., attachment, leadership), and emotional (e.g., social anxiety) functioning. Moreover, these potential links may be influenced by factors such as children's sex, temperament, and personality.











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