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Welcome to the Face Perception Lab

For Interested Students

M.A. / Ph.D. Students

I currently have space for 2 - 3 additional graduate students. Students become fully engaged in one or more of our research programs (e.g., emotion perception, identity perception, in- versus out-group perception) and may enroll in any of the three focus areas: Lifespan Development, Behavioural Neuroscience, or Social/Personality.

Students are funded through a combination of Research Assistantships, Teaching Assistantships and my NSERC and SSHRC grants; they are encouraged to apply for additional graduate fellowships. Students in my lab meet with me on a regular basis to discuss relevant journal articles and ongoing projects. They also participate in weekly lab meetings. My students present their work at international/national conferences and publish their work in top-tier journals. Graduate students frequently collaborate with each other, with postdoctoral fellows in my lab, and mentor undergraduate students. I also encourage students to collaborate with other faculty members both at Brock and at other institutions (see Research Interest Groups -- we are members of the LIfespan Centre & the Cognitive Brain Research Group).

Interested students are welcome to contact my current student, Xiaomei Zhou, as well as my recent PhD student, Lindsey Short (now an Assistant Professor, [As you can see above, we have regular social events to foster a supportive and fun work environment!]














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