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Enter the Brock University campus at intersection of St. David's Road and Glenridge Ave. Proceed to the first stop sign (Meter Road) - turn right on Meter Road. On Meter Road, turn right at the stop sign and pull into the parking lot. Our three designated parking spaces are located directly facing the new building, and are labeled with grey signs that say "Reserved - Lifespan Studies". (Note: these spaces still have handicapped signs on the pavement, but it is fine to park in them without a handicapped permit). There are several handicapped spaces next to ours, but please use them only if you have a valid permit displayed in your car. Parking is free for our participants.


From the parking lot, enter the new building and take the elevator (located just inside the entrance) to the 6th floor. Please wait in the reception area just outside the elevators on the 6th floor and one of our research assistants will meet you there and escort you to the lab.













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