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John Mitterer
Professor, Ph.D. (McMaster)

Office: MC B305
Phone: (905)688-5550 ext.3459


- psychology of media
- feminism and the psychology of men
Cognition and instruction:
- hypermedia & multimedia

My recent work centers on the psychology of media, particularly as applied to teaching and learning. I am interested in what different media, particularly digital media, can express, and how we can use this knowledge to improve how we teach and learn. I am currently exploring these issues primarily through building educational applications. I have produced several videodiscs and CD-ROMS, and learning objects. I am the coauthor of three introductory psychology textbooks and support materials. Through reflection upon the creation and use of these materials I hope to advance my understanding of media as well as education.


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Mitterer, J.O. (2006). Ask not what post-secondary education can do for psychology; Ask what psychology can do for post-secondary education. Canadian Psychology, 47 (1), 57-62. This paper is based on John Mitterer's 2005 CPA Award for Distinguished Contributions to Education and Training in Psychology conference address.



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