Stationery Supplies

Stationery Supplies

Office Stationery of any type is ordered through Printing Services.

How to use the NEW Brock DB Stationery Order System
(replacing the BEARS Program - Dec 2012)
This page is for managing different aspects of the stationery order system. Users can submit orders for print shop supplies such as printer paper, envelopes, examination materials and various other office supplies.

Basic User level Access
All users will have access to viewing orders they've submitted personally, and to create new orders granted they have access to at least one GL Account. Basic users can also print off a copy of their order in the format of a PDF.
Submitting an Order
The first step to submitting an order is selecting the Account Number the order will be charged to. A drop down list will populate with account numbers you have access to.

Once you have selected the account number then you must select the department you're making the order for. Click “Create Order” and you will then be taken to the next screen of the ordering system.

This screen is for adding items to the order. The first data grid contains a list of items that can be sorted by selecting the desired category of items from the drop down list. To add an item to the order cart simply type in the quantity of the item you want into the box in the quantity column and click the “Add” button at the end of the row. Clicking the button again will simply add more quantity of that item. Alternately you can update the quantity column in the cart items to specify a new quantity directly. Clicking "Remove" in a row of the cart items data grid will remove all quantity of that item from the cart. When all items have been selected Click “Next” to continue, or to return to the main orders screen click “Back”.

This final order screen will show an overview of the items you've selected, their prices, the total amount of tax & shipping, the total cost (including taxes & shipping), your name, account number, and the department. To continue with the order you must also select the building you wish to have the order delivered to. You may also enter any special delivery instructions such as which room to bring the order to, or who to contact in the building. Once you are satisfied with the order click Submit, or if you need to make changes click the back button to return to the previous screen.

Viewing an Order
To view an order you have previously submitted simply select it from the Order History data grid by clicking the blue arrow icon beside the order you wish to view. Then click the View button just underneath the data grid. The screen you are taken to will show an overview of the order, including the items ordered, their prices, totals, etc. To view and print a PDF of this over view simply click the Print button at the bottom of the screen. Click the back button to return to the main order history screen.

Printing an Order
To print an order, select the order in the same way as if you were to view it (click the blue arrow icon next to the order in the order history data grid), and click the print button. A download of the PDF overview should begin, which you can then open to view the PDF and print if you desire. Alternatively if you click view then you may also click the print button from the order viewing screen for the same effect.

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