Planning Your eLearning Course

Planning Your eLearning Course

As with face-to-face courses, online courses are fundamentally improved through good planning and sound pedagogy.

The Centre for Pedagogical Innovation has prepared this basic outline of the kind of planning and work that goes into courses created through the eLearning Initiative.

About Learning Outcomes, Assessments, Content, Feeback and Additional Resources.


Teaching & Learning with Technology Guide

Much of this information is part of CPI's Teaching & Learning with Technology Guide.  This guide draws on several open educational resources and experts across Ontario, including those here at Brock University.

This guide is designed to help instructors plan, design, develop, and teach technology-enhanced courses and programs.  The CPI has compiled recommendations and suggestions from our staff of educators and technology professionals as well as from faculty who have experienced the process. Included are guides that illustrate pedagogical design issues; tips on planning, developing, and writing course content; as well as planning and facilitating online interaction.