Types of Online Courses

Center for Pedagogical Innovation

Each course is quite unique but generally speaking there are three broad categories of online classes at Brock.
Textbook based, forum discussion

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Main Features

  • Assessment through Forums and Assignment tool
  • Interactions shared through forums in whole class and small group learning sections
  • Opportunity for individual private (between student & instructor) reflections

Courses Using this model:

  • ADED 1P31: Learning for Success
  • ADST 6P60: Foundations of disability studies
  • MBAB 5P52: Introduction to Human Resource Management

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 Online lecture screen-captures, online quizzes

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  • Video consists of screen recordings of slides with audio narration
  • May include written formulae or markup for active teaching (e.g. Khan Academy style)
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Courses Using this model:

  • ACTG 2P12: Introduction to Management  Accounting
  • MATH 1P97: Calculus With Applications
  • ENGL 4V37: London: Monster City


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Open Web

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This does not mean that all courses must fit into one of these three categories, in fact, most are a mixture of all three and a little bit of many other interesting online technologies. Some of these tools can supplement an existing face-to-face course, replace class time to be blended/hybrid or fully online course.
Courses Using this model:
  • ASTR 1P01: Introduction to Astronomy I
  • COMM 2F00: New Media Literacy


The following considerations are meant to guide instructors through a series of questions and potential options. They are not meant to be exhaustive, by any means.

Other Types

There are many other types and combinations of courses that could be created to complement the unique teaching at Brock University.