Turnitin integration in Isaak/Sakai

Turnitin integration in Isaak/Sakai

Assignment2 is the second generation of Sakai’s Assignments tool. It contains distinctive enhancements that include a modern web user interface, assignment submission versioning, more powerful assignment workflow, and more feature rich integrations with the Sakai Gradebook and biggest distinguishing feature at Brock University is its integration with https://Turnitin.com. More information about Assignment2's Turnitin integration can be found in the assignment creation section below.

The integration of Turnitin's originality reports in Isaak/Sakai is convenient for students as they DO NOT need to create new accounts or use join passwords.

The disadvantage of this integration is that it does not include some additional features such as PeerMark.

A the regular responsibilities and requirements of instructors using Turnitin still apply when using Assignment2.

More information about Assignment2 and Isaak/Sakai can be found in the Isaak/Sakai Wiki.