Elluminate - Desktop web conferencing

Elluminate - Desktop web conferencing

Elluminate is a desktop based application that any instructor can sign-up to use with their students and other small learning groups.  Instructors can lead students through a whiteboard based presentation, share audio and video, share their computer screen and allow students to share the same items with the rest of the class.

With our partners in ITS Audio Visual Services and  ITS Client Services the CPI helps instructors user this new and experimental tool to conduct real-time instruction sessions from computer to computer.

Elluminate allows participants to share their audio, video, presentations, and collaborate with polling, quizzing and other additional features.  The can sessions can be recorded and reviewed latter as well.

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More information

More information can be found at the Elluminate wiki at kumu.brocku.ca/elluminate

Some ideas for elluminate

  • On-Line Office Hours
  • Small group learning
  • Collaboration with remote partners


Example video

Please note that the demonstration relies on subtitles to describe what is happening.  The audio starts the first time the instructor speaks to the class.