Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

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Reflections on scholarship of teaching and learning at Brock University: Thanks to Jennifer Kopczinski for sharing her experiences with creating an online site for academic advising.




In 2007 the Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (STLHE) outlined several components of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, for example, that it: 
  • fosters inquiry and investigation
  • enhances student learning
  • is public
  • is susceptible to critical review and evaluation
  • is accessible for exchange and use
  • emphasizes learning outcomes and relevant teaching practices
  • incorporates discipline and pedagogical knowledge and innovation
Our Chancellor’s Chairs in Teaching Excellence exemplify these qualities. To review their work click on the link in the right navigation pane.  
Further information regarding the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning can be found on STLHE's website at: 
and at the Society for Teaching Learning (SoTL) Canada Special Interest Group (SIG) website:
If you would like information on how to apply for a Chancellor's Chair in Teaching Excellence please see: