Parking facilities at the University are considered to be private property. Any vehicle parking a vehicle on the campus agrees to abide by the rules and regulations approved for the University community by the Board. 

Receive a Violation?
Parking is enforced 24-7 at Brock University. If you receive a violation, you have 10 business days to pay or appeal your infraction. Appeal information can be found below. Payment can be made in person at the Parking Services office. For our office location, please click here.

Consequences of Failure to Pay?
Don't let that violation remain outstanding! If you do not pay your violation within the 10-day period, your account is subject to additional fees and penalties. 

  • Fees could include a processing fee or a violation uplift fee.
  • Students with excessive violations may have an academic seal placed on their student record and may be flagged for a tow. As a result, you will not receive your grades, be able to register for courses or graduate.
  • Non-Brock students will be flagged for a tow, and any additional violations will result in your vehicle being towed.

Appealing a Violation?

An appeal, stating valid reasons for cancelling the ticket, must be submitted online (or in writing) to the Parking Services office within 10 business days from the date the ticket was issued. An application to appeal can be found at the Parking Services office or downloaded from the online services section.

A valid appeal can be based only on the contention that a ticket was issued contrary to the regulations or in error. Ignorance of the regulations does not constitute grounds for an appeal.

The decision of the Parking Appeals Committee is final and binding with no option to re-appeal. Questions regarding these policies should be directed to the Parking Services office by email.