Fight Flu

Fight Flu


Fighting a communicable disease like influenza involves prevention, protection, and preparation:

Avoid It
1. Wash your hands frequently and thoroughly (sing/hum 20 seconds of your favourite song lyrics),

2. Cover your nose and mouth when coughing and sneezing,

3. Distance yourself from others where possible

4. Build immunity with a healthy diet, lots of sleep, exercise, and stress reduction

5. Check out: "The Black Spot" (video about Flu Prevention in university life)

6. “Catch it, bin it, kill it” (video)

Protect Yourself
1. Maintain two metres of distance from people with symptoms
2. Clean and disinfect commonly touched surfaces, kitchens and bathrooms - Cleaning and Disinfecting Information
3. If travelling, pack hand sanitizer, avoid crowds when possible and monitor destination country status at: Flu Status by Country
4. If caregiving, avoid touching, keep a one-metre distance, wash hands before and after visiting room, clean touch points - Caregiving of People with Flu Symptoms

Get Ready (just in case)
1. Stockpile food, water, medications and cleaning supplies,
Pandemic Flu Planning Checklist [.pdf]
2. Organize a flu buddy or mutual aid with friends or neighbours
3. Think about isolation strategies for your home
Isolating the Ill in the Result of a Pandemic Influenza [.pdf] 

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