Stephanie Fudge Q & A

Co-op Programs

Stephanie Fudge Q & A

Where did you complete co-op terms?

I completed my first three co-op terms in the Innovation Department of Northern Centre for Advanced Technology (NORCAT) in Sudbury, Ontario.  I completed a fourth co-op term with the Base Environmental Office of the Canadian Forces Base Petawawa in Petawawa, Ontario.

Where is your hometown?

Timmins, Ontario

How did you benefit from the co-op program?

The co-op program and the guidance from Amanda Etherington, Alesia Dane and Dan Hess helped shape me into the competent and confident person I am today. The co-op program helped me gain exceptional skills and career experience through my co-op placements. The co-op office gave me the tools, advice and insight necessary to build myself a network, to market myself and to obtain relevant work in the geoscience field. The feedback and encouragement I have received over the years from my employers, co-workers and the Brock University Co-op office has been invaluable. 

Best memory of your time at Brock University:

My best memory of my time at Brock is attending the closing reception of PDAC conference in Toronto. Great live music, room filled with geology and industry professionals, surrounded by the Earth Science friends I’ve made over the years… Networking, singing, dancing and drinking together… Great memories!

Advice to current co-op students:

Build your network! Be an active member or executive of a club at Brock reflecting an interest related to your field of study. Become a student member of associations related to your field of study. Attend Conferences, workshops and presentations. Be prepared to network! Make business cards and a LinkedIn Profile. Be the one to start conversations. Introduce people you know to each other and organize events where people can get to know each other. Be motivated, curious and passionate!

Future career goals and aspirations:

My goal is to pursue a geoscience career and become a Professional Geoscientist. I aspire to be knowledgeable of the environment and work to bring balance between the use of resources and nature.


Environmental Geoscience student Stephanie Fudge.

Environmental Geoscience student Stephanie Fudge.